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As Commissioner for Onslow County, Lisa will use her proven leadership skills to bolster strong relationships between county administration and county residents. She will collaborate with all parties involved to develop long-term and need-specific solutions that build solid communities. 



Lisa believes that decisions need to be based on facts.  If the truth is hidden, it must be found and shared with all citizens.  Holding public office brings the responsibility of utilizing every resource available to understand and communicate the details of each issue with the public.  This ensures citizens have a complete picture before decisions are made.



Lisa's unique career history has focused on coaching, mentoring, and team building.  Her life experiences and leadership achievements will be an immeasurable asset to the county in her position as Commissioner.  Lisa is not a conformist.  She is married to a retired US Navy service member in a Marine Corps town, and she homeschooled her children.  Some will say she is an "outsider."  On the contrary, many agree that is exactly what Onslow County needs to bring a fresh perspective to the Board of Commissioners.



Lisa has decades of leadership experience and always leads from the front. She will never ask anyone to do something she is not willing to do herself which is why she has been so successful in all her endeavors. Lisa is tenacious in her efforts to accomplish her goals. 

  • Institute an annual “State of the County” address from the Commissioners’ Office

  • Assess the long-term viability of the 165 open county staff positions 

  • Establish more frequent joint meetings with the Board of Education to follow up on budget vs. actual expenditures

  • Bridge the gap between Onslow County citizens and the County government

    • Establish regular “town-hall” style meetings around the county, with Commissioners and local municipal officials.

    • Promote/work to engage the community on both the county website and FB page.

    • Optimize the relationships between the Commissioners and citizens who serve on the various Onslow County Boards and Commissions.

  • Bolster efforts to incentivize new business development 

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